129 Biillion

Number of masks being disposed every month 



Number of disposable masks being produced in China every day



Global waste recycling rate

Increase in medical wastes due to CODIV-19

Masks are here to stay But.. Disposable masks are NOT sustainable

"Mask wearing has led to an extraordinary increase in the production of disposable masks: the UN estimates that global sales will total some $166 billion this year, up from around $800 million in 2019"

"There are more masks than jellyfish‘ in the ocean.  There is “a glut of discarded single-use masks and gloves is washing up on shorelines and littering the seabed”


Inconvenient &


Disposable masks can be inconvenient and unhygienic to carry around.

Our Solution

for Sustainable Future

Can be reused repeatedly

3D Comfort

for long use



Keep the mask safe and hygienic

Reusable Mask

Our mask case is made of state of the art anti-microbial copper material that are effective in disinfecting harmful germs and bacteria.  SGS test results showed 99% of harmful bacteria placed on copper film were destroyed within 3 hours.


Mask Case

Aerosilver™️ is a next generation multi-functional fiber providing moisture absorbent and fast drying function with antimicrobial effects.  It has an anti-bacterial function from zirconium-silver compound blended in fibers, which gives it a semi-permanent anti-bacterial property that survives repeated washing.



Aerosilver Mask?

•99% anti-bacterial function from zirconium-silver compound blended in fibers                   •Semi-permanent anti-bacterial property allows for repeated use                                        
•Optimized fit, 4-way stretch adjusting to various facial contours                                        
•99% UV protection                                        
•Non-slip ear lop that ensure comfort even during long-term usage.                                        
•Soft, non-irritating lining, comfort during long term use                                        
•Outstanding dust and wind proof capabilities                                         
•Ideal for all activities; outdoor and sport activities.                                        
•Dries Fast                                        
•Made in South Korea.

Who is

Aerosilver Mask for?

Elderly people who have difficulty breathing with traditional masks

Anyone who is looking for a mask that is more comfortable and sustainable than disposable masks

Gym goers who find regular masks uncomfortable

Adults who need to wear a mask throughout their work day


Why Anti-Bacterial Mask Case?

(made with copper film)

Reuse up to

180 Days!

Made with Copper Film

99% Anti-


Keep masks,

cell phones, and keys hygienic

every day

Why Anti-Bacterial Mask Case?

•Ensures longer use of the reusable face mask!

•Harmful bacteria are eliminated after storage in this mask case. 

•Manufactured with sterilized copper particles and has an antibacterial  effect of up to 99.9%.

Key Benefits of
Mask Case


•Antibacterial and anti-fungal


•Removes odor

•Easy to take with you.

•Extends the usability of the mask.

•Store and safeguard personal items such as mobile phones and keys

•The mask case is manufactured in South Korea and is SGS certified.


Period of Use

•The recommended period of use for the mask case is 180 days. 

•If used abnormally, the antibacterial performance may decrease

Product Specification

  • Material : PVC mixed with copper powder (99.99999% purity)

  • Manufactured through our patented technology

  • Thickness : 0.3t

  • Can use wet wipes to clean the surface


Anti-Bacterial Property of Copper

  • Copper and its alloys exhibit impressive antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. 

  • Copper has been exploited for health purposes since ancient times.

  • Copper’s antimicrobial characteristic is driven by the following factors: 

       1)Its atomic makeup gives it extra killing power (stronger than gold and silver)

         2)When a microbe lands on copper, ions blast and kill pathogen and even destroy DNA and RNA inside a bacteria or virus,                 preventing the mutations that create drug-resistant superbugs​

Proven effectiveness against COVID-19

The study conducted by National Institute of Health in US (part of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) measured the time COVID-19 survives on different materials.


Copper showed by far the best antimicrobial result.

  • Plastic – lasts 72 hours

  • Stainless Steel – lasts 48 hours 

  • Paper – lasts 24 hours

  • Copper - halved by 1 hour, completely gone in 4 hours

       (testing condition : 21~23 degrees celcius, 40% humidity)


Recommended Use


Test Result

(antimicrobial effectiveness)

E. Coli, staphylococcus, pneumococcus

After 3 hours, more than 99.9% of bacteria destroyed


Over 90% antimicrobial against fungus

(merely trace of growth)

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